CWA Awareness Week 5-11 September 2021

CWA of NSW Awareness Week in 2021 will address the issue of the need for more social and affordable housing. The campaign will particularly highlight the need in rural and regional NSW, and the fact women over the age of 55 are the fastest growing group of homeless people in Australia.

The statistics emphasise the stark reality of the current situation, with 2020 NSW Council of Social Services (NCOSS) report showing there was a shortfall of more then 200,000 social and affordable homes in NSW and almost 60,000 households were waiting for social housing. Waiting times in certain regions of NSW can be as long as 20 years.

CWA of NSW members acknowledge governments at all levels are committing resources towards social and affordable housing, but it is not keeping place with current demand, and the demand expected in the future.

Everybody deserves to have a safe, secure and affordable place to live and CWA of NSW Northumberland Group support community housing providers who are pleading for more to be done to help the states most vulnerable citizens.