Cooking and Craft recommence on Saturday 25 July 2020

Cooking recommences today after an absence of four months.

At 10am, Kay will be demonstrating how to make a cloth-covered plum pudding, and best of all, Kay has samples for us to eat after the demonstration.

The craft will start at 12.30, and trauma teddies will go into production. These are being made for the ambulance service. The paramedics provide soft toys to children. Who are treated in the ambulance or on the way to the hospital. A simple soft cuddly toy to provide comfort.  No skill level required as patterns for the teddies has already been cut. We just need people who are happy to sew up seams or stuff the soft toys.

If you would like to come early, our members bring their own food and drinks and have lunch at midday.

Due to COVID 19, we do not offer any catering facilities at the Hall.